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Mentholatum, specialises in family healthcare and is the UK’s No.1 seller of topical pain relief products, helping people manage muscular and joint pain. Age range varies. Always read the labels.

Mentholatum also produce non-medicinal products to help support active lives, sporting lives and later in life and, food supplements.


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Brand: Mentholatum
Type: Pain Relief Products

Mentholatum Balm

It has been trusted by families for generations to bring soothing relief to sore muscle and joints.

During the cold season, it helps relieve chest aches associated with colds and flu, plus its aromatic vapors are soothing and cooling to the nasal passages. Just rub it on the chest, neck or back and feel the relief begin. Made with 100% natural active ingredients.

Details: Helps relieve chest aches associated with colds and flu
Made with 100% natural active ingredients


Makes a useful addition to your everyday essentials.
Optimally made for effective daily use.
Carefully crafted to suit your lifestyle.

Deep Heat

UK's No.1 selling heat brand.

Deep Heat - pain relief plus heat therapy:
Deep Heat Rub, spray and patches are recommended for muscular aches, pains and stiffness and provides targeted pain relief plus penetrating heat therapy.

Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-On Lotion - massage plus heat therapy:
NEW non-medicinal product specifically designed to provide targeted, warming relief to help ease tight, knotted muscles through the benefit of massage plus heat therapy.

When to use

Long lasting, convenient, adhesive patches providing targeted, cooling, soothing relief. Scientifically proven cooling relief for: the back, neck & shoulder, legs & feet. Deep Freeze Cold Patch works like ice by cooling the desired area. Suitable for use in pregnancy, always check new symptoms with your midwife or GP.

Deep Freeze

Scientifically proven cooling
Long last cooling

Deep Freeze is the UK’s No.1 selling Freeze brand. The products are suitable for backs, neck & shoulder and legs & feet and provide the benefits of cooling, soothing relief.

How it works

Soothing relief: Long lasting relief – Fast acting patch provides cooling for up to 3 hours at the site of application. Cooling therapy can decrease blood flow and may help calm and soothe the area